Congressional Challenge


Congressional Challenge Stats

Top organizations represented:

  • US Congress
  • US Department of Education
  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • US Department of Health and Human Services
  • US Department of Justice

Congratulations to winners:

2016 Male winner:
Kyle Aarons
EPA (1:51:10)

2016 Female winner:
Tara Bhuphati
Department of Commerce (2:13:44)

Congressional Challenge

  • Race against others who also work in the Federal Government!
  • Athletes racing in the Congressional Challenge must work for one of the three Federal branches of government, and must specify that branch, and specific house or department when registering.

What is a Race-within-a-race?

Age group and team triathletes may be eligible to compete in one of the races within The Nation’s Triathlon. If eligible, your times will be ranked against both your age group (or team type) and those in the Challenge.

Why Compete in a Race-within-a-race?

It’s like competing in two races at one time!

How Can I Compete in a Race-within-a-race?

Simply select which race-within-a-race you’d like to compete in when filling out the registration form.

If you qualify for multiple races-within-a-race, you may only compete in ONE.