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Have you ever been asked why you tri? Do you tri because you needed a new challenge or because you have something to prove to yourself or to others? Do you tri in rememberence or honor of a loved one? Are you doing it because of a dare or because a friend needed a training buddy?

There are so many reasons why one tries. So often I find that when people first learn that I train for triathlons for fun, they can’t help but ask why? Why wake up early to ensure that a swim workout and a long run can be completed in the same day? Personally, the answer to this question is relatively simple: I tri because I can.

4 years ago I was banned from the gym, and could not find the strength to go for a run. I spent entire days in the hospital, laying in a chair while drugs dripped into my arm, fighting a nasty and horrible disease. 4 years ago I was a cancer warrior, today I am a cancer survivor and that is why I tri – to prove to friends and family that I can.

We all have a reason to get up in the morning, to spend hours every weekend on the bike, to push ourselves through injury and pain. We are triathletes and that is our way. We have all reached a moment where going for a run wasn’t enough, where we needed a challenge that so many find crazy. I hope that during these final 3 weeks before race day, you will continue to prevail and push yourself.

Remember why you chose to sign up for this race, and what your goals are. I understand that you’re tired, that the heat makes every workout a little more difficult, and everyone else seems to be going on vacation. However, I would urge you to remain diligent with your training. Keep in mind that ridiculously amazing feeling you achieve once you cross the finish line… and how sweet it is when you also achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

Today I can tri, so today I do tri. See you on September 11th!

Kaitlin Sighinolfi

In 2007, Kait received the scariest piece of news: she was diagnosed with Stage 2, medistinal, large B cell non-hodgkins lymphoma. How does a healthy 24 year old handle that news? Plan a strategy, be aggressive, fight and win! In an attempt to get back in shape, and prove to friends and family that she was in fact healthy, Kait participated in her first triathlon, Nations 2008. Since that fateful moment, Kait has participated in various multisport events and is beginning to dip her toes into the distance running world hopefully completing her first marathon at Marine Corps Marathon in October… all in part of a much larger plan. Although Kait is considered to be "in remission," she will not be deemed "cancer free" until her 5 year anniversary July 2012, which she plans on celebrating with Ironman Arizona. The sport of triathlon has helped Kait become comfortable with the idea of being a survivor and regain her status as an athlete. She is proud to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.