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We met Georgia triathlete Ashley Ahner through our 50 states campaign. Would you like to represent your state at Events DC Nation’s Triathlon in September? It’s not too late to join! Full details here. Enjoy Ashley’s inspiring blog post!

Most people can swim, bike OR run but how many people can swim, bike AND run? This challenge is what makes triathlons appealing to me.

The sport first came across my radar in 2010 when Auburn University offered a “Triathlon Training” course that met three days a week with an optional long bike on the weekends. The final exam for the course was a sprint triathlon in Mexico Beach, Florida. The quick pace and constant focus on race day made me well aware that my final exam would not be my last race.  

After finishing my Masters, I moved to Atlanta to start my career. My first assignment sent me to New York City each week for a year. From early morning jogs with coworkers through Central Park to strength training bootcamps on the Brooklyn Bridge, I made the most out of my training even with a demanding work schedule.

In 2014, I was reacquainted with the triathlon bug and signed up for the TriPathlon – the only metro Atlanta triathlon. After making the investment in a new bike, I crafted up a training plan to hang on the fridge and poured my focus in to my new goal. My roommate/training partner was incredible with encouragement and support especially when it came to learning about cycling. His patience for my careless mistakes while shifting and clipping in/out left him constantly replacing my bike chain or picking me up off the ground after my frequent falls while getting used to my new bike.

From Piedmont Park, to the Atlanta Beltline, to the Silver Comet trail, Atlanta has so much to offer in terms of outdoor training. All of these locations are full of life and Georgia residents making a commitment to live a more active lifestyle. On training days that are tougher than others, it’s always motivating to see the Georgia community sweating right along with me as you smile and nod while crossing paths with other fellow bikers or runners.

I may be considered a “machine”, “crazy”, or “insane”, but I continue to live happy and healthy while enjoying new training challenges each day! #dreambig

Ashley Ahner

Ashley Ahner, Business Risk Advisory Consultant, is a two time Auburn University graduate living and training in Atlanta, Georgia. When Ashley is not cross training for triathlons, she is traveling the country on weekend trips in pursuit to complete a half marathon in all 50 states. Ashley's goal developed in high school after running her first half marathon in Saint Louis, Missouri. Ashley has completed 27 races as of June 2014 and is on track to complete her goal in April 2016 by finishing her 50th race on the 50 yard line of the Auburn University football stadium in Auburn, AL. Follow Ashley's running and triathlon goal progress on Instagram @ahnerac.