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I couldn’t be more excited about this. Really. When I did my first triathlon in 2011, I didn’t know any women in the sport. Not one. Not that you weren’t all out there, mind you, I just had no connection, no girl-powered friendships in this multisport world. My, how things have changed. Today many of my closest girlfriends are absolute powerhouse athletes; swimming, biking, and running their way to Ironman finishes, podiums, and dropping PR’s and fun times all over the place. With this change in my network and support system, my athletic world has turned upside down in the very best of ways. My workouts are rarely done alone, or if they are, someone is texting later to ask how it went, how it felt, and am I up for something else tomorrow? And you know what, it’s SO MUCH MORE FUN.

The women in triathlon who I’ve gotten to know are smart, strong, humble, and so very giving of themselves. They’re excellent athletes and even better friends. And it’s this experience that led me, and the team at Nation’s Triathlon to build our upcoming event on June 22nd. We’re lucky in the DC area to have hundreds, probably thousands of amazing women who are getting out there and racing at all levels of triathlon. From the rookies with loads of questions, to the experienced athletes looking for new friends and training buddies (and still with questions!), we all have so much to gain from connecting with each other.

It’s with that spirit in mind that we’re excited to invite all of the active women in the DMV to the Washington Women Who Tri: Learn, Share, and Network event on Wednesday, June 22nd. We’ve got an amazing lineup of women ready to share their stories, advice, and laughs with you during a panel conversation, and then we’ll stay for a reception afterwards where you can ask more questions and have a glass of wine with a room full of tri-girls. See you then!

Lisa Kurdziel

Lisa is a reformed run-hater and avid endurance sports enthusiast, and is commonly greeted with the now standard “so what are you training for this time?” by friends, family and coworkers. A longtime volleyball player turned cyclist, she did her first triathlon in 2011 and was hooked. Over the next two seasons she worked up from a sprint to a half iron, and then took a two year sabbatical to work on her weakest link, the dreaded run. After countless road races and some knee repair, Lisa is now a two time Boston marathoner, and looks forward to applying her new found love (or at least better tolerance) of running in her return to triathlons this year, finishing things off with a return to the 70.3 distance in October.