Tri Club Challenge

2015 Tri Club Challenge Stats

32 Tri Clubs registered

Top 5 clubs represented:

  • DC Tri Club
  • Team Red, White and Blue
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • National Capital YMCA Tri Club
  • AGE Africa

2015 Male Winner
Martin Devenport
DC Tri Club (2:13:35)

2015 Female Winner
Hilary Cairns
DC Tri Club (2:18:48)

Compete to have the most members of your club in the race. The top five clubs with the most member participation (members MUST be registered in the Tri Club Challenge) will receive a complimentary tent at the Finish Line Festival for club members racing. No other tents are permitted at the Finish Line Festival!

What is a Race-within-a-race?

Age group and team triathletes may be eligible to compete in one of the races within The Nation’s Triathlon. If eligible, your times will be ranked against both your age group (or team type) and those in the Challenge.

Why Compete in a Race-within-a-race?

It’s like competing in two races at one time!

How Can I Compete in a Race-within-a-race?

Simply select which race-within-a-race you’d like to compete in when filling out the registration form.

If you qualify for multiple races-within-a-race, you may only compete in ONE.


DC Tri Club members, learn more about the opportunity to race in the DC Tri Club wave!