Collegiate Challenge


2016 Collegiate Challenge Stats

2016 Male winner:
Bret Pollack
Johns Hopkins University


2016 Female winner:
Haley Meyers
The George Washington University


Collegiate Challenge

  • Race against fellow Collegiate Teams and Clubs in the Sprint distance race!
  • Athletes racing in the Collegiate Challenge must be a member of a College or University triathlon club or team.
  • Awards will be given for the first male and female collegiate finisher.
  • Collegiate Team Overall award will be fore the team or club with the fastest average time for their first 5 finishers; teams or clubs must have at least 5 participants finish the race to qualify for this award.
  • The Collegiate Challenge will ONLY be part of the Sprint distance race.



What is a Race-within-a-race?

Age group and team triathletes may be eligible to compete in one of the races within The Nation’s Triathlon. If eligible, your times will be ranked against both your age group (or team type) and those in the Challenge.

Why Compete in a Race-within-a-race?

It’s like competing in two races at one time!

How Can I Compete in a Race-within-a-race?

Simply select which race-within-a-race you’d like to compete in when filling out the registration form.

If you qualify for multiple races-within-a-race, you may only compete in ONE.