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Granola bars

Go easy on the cheese whiz and Oreos. Yeah, you’re bound to burn it off on that 7-mile training run, but eating junk can hold you back from performing to your full potential. Here’s a recipe for healthy, tasty granola bars that are not time-intensive to prepare and are great to take along on rides, munch on after a swim workout, or simply enjoy with coffee.

Empty-out-the-pantry granola bars

Whether it’s the last of the dried fruit, the broken pretzels at the bottom of the bag, or the last of the coconut flakes you bought 4 months ago (delicious in icing on homemade carrot cake!), everything is welcome in these delicious granola bars.

There are only two main rules you need to know:

1 – You must use parchment paper.

2 – You must use brown rice syrup (Hint: don’t even pretend to search for it at the grocery store – go straight to customer service, and they will point you in the direction of this jar of gold.)

Failure to follow the rules will lead to disappointment. Trust me.

This is really easy. Preheat the oven to 350. Mix these ingredients, in this order, in one large bowl.Granola mix

–          1 and ½ cups oats (I’ve used old-fashioned and quick-cooking and both were great)

–          ½ cup nuts (your choice)

–          ½ cup dried fruit (or more nuts if you don’t like dried fruit)

–          ½ cup something else (crushed pretzels, chocolate chips, leftover cereal, coconut, etc)

–          pinch of salt

–          ¼ cup protein powder (optional)

–          1 tsp cinnamon (optional)

–          ½ cup brown rice syrup

Give it a good stir. In the meantime, line a baking dish (9” x 13” works well) with parchment paper. Pour the delicious mixture into the dish and firmly press it down (like you’re making rice crispy treats). Bake for 20-25 minutes. Let the sheet of bars cool for 2 hours in the dish (this way they keep their shape). Cut with a sharp knife and enjoy! They keep well in a sealed container for 2 weeks.


Lindsay Herbert

Lindsay is a Florida native who moved to the chilly Mid-Atlantic for graduate school and hasn't left since. Her interest in triathlon was sparked after fulfilling a silly New Year’s resolution to sign up for and complete one Olympic-distance race. She’s been hooked ever since. She completed her first half distance triathlon last summer and looks forward to diversifying her race schedule this summer with the Great Chesapeake Bay 4.4 Mile Swim along with some of her favorite triathlons (including Nation’s Tri!) When she’s not swimming, biking, running, or eating, she is hiking with friends or hanging out in Baltimore’s Fells Point.