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If you are like me, you find yourself getting quite competitive as an amateur athlete (or better said, competitive about your training).  What I find is that leaves me little else outside of eating, sleeping, and working.

Weekdays are filled with the good ol’ nine to fiver, followed up with some type of training; whether it be swimming, biking, or running (or even sometimes the occasional weight training).  Then the weekends are filled with long rides and runs that leave me exhausted as I start the week all over again.  By 5:30 on a Monday evening, I am pooped, and the week only started!

Heck, this is what I strive to make my typical training week look like:

  • Monday: lunch run, evening swim
  • Tuesday: lunch swim, evening spin class
  • Wednesday: lunch run, evening swim
  • Thursday: “rest” (usually a lunch swim)
  • Friday: evening (trail) run
  • Saturday: morning long ride, maybe evening run
  • Sunday: morning ride

So … I push it (to say the least).  And with that comes the stress of juggling it all.  Work, training, friends, all of it; at times it seems impossible.

But through this all, I have found a little secret … just a little one, and when I find that things are getting tough and out of hand I remind myself of it and smile.

This is all for fun!  All of it!  The training, the racing, the stress.  It is all for fun.

I love the fact that what I enjoy doing keeps me healthy, or at least healthier than I used to be.  I have learned to embrace the swim, and cycling I think is the easiest of the three to fall in love with, but running has always been, and always will be, my passion and these activities keep me trim and feeling great when the mental toll of the working world can get “trying” (to say the least).

So, what do I do when work creeps in slowly and steals my time away from me?  I tell myself, “this will pass, this is temporary, and I will be back to training again in no time.”  I remind myself that this is all for fun, and with that, I can miss a workout and it will all be just fine.

I don’t know if this applies to anyone other than me, but I am sure it does.  I hope hearing there are others out there trying to complete all their weekly goals and tasks are having just as difficult of a time putting it all together as you.  You are not alone, we all throw it up in the air, try to juggle it, and hopefully at the end of it all, we only miss a minimal amount of things in our lives.

Lyle Ganz

Lyle’s racing career started back high school where he was a multiple sport athlete. He was an all-conference track and cross-country runner, and did swimming and diving in the off-season to stay fit. He participated in his first triathlon back in the summer of 1996. Since then, he has competed in events from sprint triathlons through Ironman competitions; and currently is looking forward to competing at USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals in Milwaukee in 2015.