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AGE Africa Young Women Students in Malawi 2014

There is no greater asset than human capital. That’s why global asset management firm The Rock Creek Group is sponsoring Advancing Girls’ Education in Africa’s (AGE Africa) upcoming Tri for Malawi Team Challenge.

Rock Creek, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and manages assets of approximately $10 billion, has been a long-time investor in emerging and frontier markets, with substantial interests in Africa.

AGE Africa’s mission is to educate young women in Malawi, a sub-Saharan country that is among the world’s poorest. AGE Africa provides scholarships to some of the country’s most impoverished young women and equips them with critical life skills and career guidance through a unique curriculum called CHATS: Creating Healthy Approaches to Success. During this year’s triathlon, the organization is aiming to raise $130,000 to support sending 170 young women to high school.

The results speak for themselves. In Malawi, only 7% of women finish high school but almost 90% of AGE Africa students graduate from all four years. None of these students would have been able to attend high school without AGE Africa’s support, and every 1% increase in women attending secondary school translates directly into a 0.3% increase in Malawi’s GDP.

AGE Africa Students in Malawi 2014These young women return to their communities as role models with the skills required to make constructive life choices. They establish careers, often as nurses or teachers, and nearly 65% are qualified to attend college. Each has successfully broken the cycle of poverty she was born into.

Johan de Bruijn, who is one of Rock Creek’s Africa strategy portfolio managers as well as a proud board member of AGE Africa, believes that “Africa needs an even playing field and the best way to achieve that is to educate and empower people.”

The Rock Creek team is looking forward to participating in the fourth annual Tri for Malawi Team Challenge. If a triathlon seems daunting, it helps to remember that many young women in Malawi walk triathlon distances just to get to high school, if they are lucky enough to be going at all.

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The Rock Creek Group is a global asset management firm managing assets of more than $10.5 billion onbehalf of institutional clients, including public and corporate pension plans, university endowments,charitable foundations and sovereign wealth funds. The Rock Creek team invests across all asset classes,including direct investment in emerging and frontier markets, and has substantial interests in Africa.Rock Creek is headquartered in Washington, DC, with an office in New York City.