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Members of the Events DC Nation’s Triathlon team are over in Abu Dhabi for the TriYAS by Active Life triathlon. The race sold out two weeks ago with 1,300 entrants. In four years it has grown from 650 to 900 to 1,100 to this year’s 1,300 registered. Racers swim, cycle and run their way around Yas Marina and Yas Marina Circuit. The event features both an Olympic and a Sprint distance, as well as a Kid’s Duathlon.

This race takes place on a unique course: the swim is in the Yas Marina and the bike is on an F1 race track. Last year, TriYAS opened up their world famous race track for free to cyclists and runners every Tuesday night; they now have around 2,500 athletes coming every week to train. That turnout led them to an opportunity they call GoYas where the track is open only for women to ride and run on Wednesday nights. This past Wednesday night, approximately 1,000 women showed up to train.

Tri Yas Omar Finish_smallOmar Nour is part of the Events DC Nation’s Triathlon family. As part of the TriYAS event, Nour, a professional triathlete, hosted a motivational breakfast for attendees where he spoke about his road to becoming a pro triathlete. Born in Egypt, Omar was raised in Switzerland and later moved to Bethesda, MD. At 29 years old, he weighed 230 pounds and considered himself totally unhealthy. To jump start his road to healthy living, he signed up for the Events DC Nation’s Triathlon in 2007 and his life changed forever. Since then he has lost 40 pounds, turned pro at the advanced age of 31.

Omar Nour understands that his role in Abu Dhabi is more than just racing fast. Childhood obesity and diabetes are huge issues in that part of the world and Omar trains in Abu Dhabi for a big chunk of this year in order to be to able to be not just a role model, but a visible role model. His plan for 2015 is to create some training camps in Abu Dhabi that will be open to the public and will encourage triathletes to find out what makes Abu Dhabi a great place to train.

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