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Welcome to the 2016 Athlete Info page! We are looking forward to seeing you at the event. If you have any questions, please reach out to us on social media or on our contact page.

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Confirmation Sheet – Print, sign & bring with you to mandatory packet pick up.

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Your Race Weekend Packet

2015 Course Maps
Olympic Course Map
Sprint Course Map

Bike Resources
We’ve partnered with several bike shops in the DC Metro area to provide affordable shipping and rental options for our out of town racers. For more information, check out our Bike Resources page.

2015 Races Results
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For general questions, please Contact Us.

If there is a problem with your registration information please Contact Us.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I can’t make it to the expo to pick up my packet? Can someone pick it up for me? Can I pick it up on race morning?

Is the course briefing mandatory?

How long does the briefing last?

Will there be a bike valet at the Etihad Airways Sports and Fitness Expo again this year?


Do I really have to drop off my bike on Saturday? What if I can’t drop it off? Can I bring it in on race morning?

Can we drop our bikes off before going to packet pick up?

How do I get down to transition area on Saturday? Can I take my bike on the shuttle?

What if I get down to transition and have forgotten to put the number on my bike?

Is there parking at West Potomac Park? Are there any street closures in the area to be aware of?

How will you make sure no one steals my bike if I leave it out overnight? Is it safe?

Where do I rack my bike? How do I figure out where to rack?

Will there be mechanics in the transition area on Saturday?

Can I leave my gear bag with my bike on Saturday?

Should I get body marked on Saturday?

How do I get back to the hotel after I drop off my bike?

Can my friends and family take the shuttle with me?


What time does Transition open? What time does it close?

How do I get there? There is no parking nearby, and I have to carry all of my stuff. Can my family or friend drop me off on Independence Avenue?

Can I take my bike out of transition for a warm up ride?

I heard that there is a long wait from the time transition closes until some of the waves get into the water. Can I just go back into transition really quick and drop off my jacket/cooler/iPod?

If I drop my bag off in the Gear Check area, where will I find it after the race?

Will there be water available outside of transition? Where can I find it?

Will there be any food or drinks for purchase outside of transition for my friends and family?

Can relay members wait inside of transition for their swimmer?

How will I learn about any race day changes?

My friends and family want to come out later in the morning to watch the race. What Metro stops are along the course?


How do I know which swim wave I’m in?

How many people are in my wave?

What if I miss my swim wave?

What if my cap breaks?

Is the swim course the same as last year? How far apart are the buoys?

It’s my first open water swim and I’m nervous. How many kayaks and lifeguards are going to be there? Can I stop and take a break without getting DQ’ed?

Is the swim usually wetsuit legal? What day will you announce the water temperature?


Why did organizers change the bike course for 2014?

Why the need for the double loop bike course?

Won’t this make the course more crowded?

How will you know if all the competitors completed both laps?

Will we see different sights this year on the bike course?

I did the race last year and don’t understand the new bike course. Can you explain how the double loop course works?

What is the best way to stay safe on a double loop bike course? Are there any special USAT or safety rules?

Is there any SAG support on the bike course?

Are there any water bottle hand offs on the bike course?


Is the run course the same as last year?

How many aid stations are on the run course?

How many loops is the run course?

Is it a shady run course or is it in the sun?

Can I wear my iPod during the run?


How quickly can I get my results? Where can I find them?

Is there a good area to meet up with my friends and family once I finish?

How long can I hang out in the finish line festival? Will there be anything to eat? Can my friends and family buy something to eat?

I won an age group award and want to learn about the awards ceremony! Will you have the schedule for the awards ceremony posted somewhere for me to find?

Where is a good place to watch my friends finish?

Can my friends and family come into the transition area with me to help carry my stuff?

How soon after the race can I get my bike and bag out of transition?

What if I finish the race and realize I dropped something during the day. Is there a lost and found?

2015 Race Winners

View All Results

2015 Olympic Distance Male Winner: Bryan Rivera, 2:04:45
2015 Olympic Distance Female Winner: Hilary Cairns, 2:18:48

2015 Sprint Distance Male Winner: David Shanklin, 1:21:28
2015 Sprint Distance Female Winner: Sarah Flynn, 1:36:01

Herbalife Congressional Challenge

2015 Male Winner: Jacob Baskt (Export Import Bank), 2:20:28
2015 Female Winner: Kelly Christl (US House), 3:03:12

Military & Uniformed Service Challenge

2015 Male Winner: Lee Boyer (Navy), 2:08:06
2015 Female Winner: Sarah Hardy (Army), 2:38:46

Etihad Airways Tri Club Challenge

2015 Male Winner: Martin Davenport (DC Tri Club), 2:13:35
2015 Female Winner: Hilary Cairns (Snapple Triathlon Team), 2:18:48

First Responders’ Challenge

2015 Male Winner: William Magnuson (Police), 2:34:43
2015 Female Winner: Jennifer Bunora (Police), 3:05:24