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Our latest Triathlete Around Town Jake explains why triathletes sometimes get strange reactions from friends.

The look on her face said it all.  We were planning a weekend at the beach with friends and, with four weeks to go until my second Ironman, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to squeeze in some training.  “How are we getting there?” my girlfriend asked, not ready for the answer.  “Well,” I enthusiastically explained, “it’s 110 miles to the beach, so I thought I would leave a few hours before you on my bike, meet you at the Bay Bridge, have you drive me across, and then while I resume biking, you will resume driving.”  While the plan was not met with the support that I had envisioned, it highlighted an important part of training – finding the time for workouts.

It is easy enough to set a training plan, significantly harder to follow it.  Whether a long meeting cuts 20 minutes off of your lunch time run or there’s an accident and it takes you twice as long to get home, workouts rarely go according to plan.  The delays of the day often mean sacrificing time with others to fit in a workout.  As a training partner once told me, “this is an incredibly selfish sport.”  Tonight you’ll have to DVR that show you watch together every week.  Tomorrow you can’t make it to that office happy hour.  This weekend you’re going to bike to vacation.  It sadly remains true that there is no secret recipe for adding time to your day.  Make sure that during your post-race recovery period you reward everyone who supported you along the way.

Jake McDermott

Jake McDermott is an attorney and a two-time Ironman. He recently shifted his focus from 140.6 to 70.3 races in an attempt to keep some level of tri/life balance. His goal in 2014 is to qualify for the 2015 70.3 World Championship.