The Run – 10K

According to a participant:

"Love the new course layout. It's great to turn the corner at Hains Point and know you're cruising home."

And from another participant:

"Great run! The aid stations were great and spaced out well."

The 2017 Nation’s Triathlon run course is a single-loop run that takes competitors right past the history, monuments and glory of Washington, DC!

The 2017 Nation’s Triathlon run route is a mostly flat and very fast course that is completely closed to all vehicular traffic. On race day, these monumental roads, avenues and boulevards will belong to the competitors of The Nation’s Triathlon.

Running through history and the splendor of Washington, DC, competitors cross over the Tidal Basin, pass the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial before heading to Hains Point, running the last few miles along the Washington Channel and the Potomac River.

Huge mile marker flags and fully stocked aid stations are placed at every mile along the run. All five aid stations are staffed by cheerful, fun and friendly volunteers who are there to assist you. There is also an aid station in the Transition Area so you can get something to drink before the start of the race and as you go through T1 and T2.

Course route subject to change at any time with our without prior notice.

1. Start at Independence Ave (east of Ericsson Circle, median lane)
2. Make u-turn at 23rd St SW and Independence Ave (curb lane)
3. Bear right on Maine Ave SW
4. Turn left on 15th St SW
5. Turnaround on 15th St SW @ Holocaust Memorial Museum
6. Turn left on Maine Ave SW
7. Turn right on Ohio Dr SW
8. Turn right on East Basin Dr SW
9. Turnaround at East Basin and Ohio Drive SW
10. Turn right on Ohio Dr SW
11. Ohio Dr and West Basin Dr

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Run Rules/Regulations

  1. No headphones, cell phones,or devices of any kind that play music.
  2. Always use respect when coming through the finish line shute and be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Course closes promptly at 2:00 PM. Runners not yet across the finish line will be picked up in a sag vehicle or required to move off the course and onto the sidewalk.
  4. Emergency conditions may occur during race. Please pay attention to your surroundings for indication of the need to clear the course or take other instructed action.
  5. Respect the land. Do not litter. Trash cans are available at every aid station.

Finish Line Procedures

  1. The finish line area will be filled with spectators, family and friends and the energy level will be high. Please enjoy the moment and do not elbow your way, or shoulder your way, past others in this area.
  2. Finish strong and run completely through the finish line arch.
  3. Your picture is being taken for you. Look happy, raise your arms and get into it. Remember don’t look at your watch! We will be keeping time for you.
  4. Keep moving through the finish line chute. It’s important that you walk a bit before stopping. Medical personnel will be watching you and volunteers will be assisting you. If you feel sick, faint or need any assistance immediately call out for help.
  5. Remove and return your race-chip if you borrowed one. The timing company will charge you a $35 dollar replacement fee if you take it home with you.
  6. Grab some water to help cool you off.
  7. Exit the finish line area and walk towards the back of the Finish Festival to retrieve your same-day race results, get some food and grab post-race athlete services. Relax, hang out with your family and friends and change your clothes in the athlete change tent.
  8. High five yourself on the way home for a job well done!

The 2017 Nation’s Triathlon Course is subject to change at any time with or without prior notice.