Swim – 1.5K

According to participants:

"Best marked course ever! Loved having the distance marked every 100m and the large buoys were great."

"Love, love love the marked buoys at each 100m. Excellent!"


The most well-marked swim course in triathlon! The 2017 Nation’s Triathlon swim course features large swim buoys placed 100m apart each marked with the distance swimmers have traveled from the start.

The Nation’s Triathlon swim is one of the most beautiful and convenient of any triathlon in the country. The swim is a time trial start. Athletes will line up in their swim corral, with 12 athletes starting approximately every 15 seconds. When your group of 12 enters the water, you DO NOT wait for the horn but simply start swimming! Your time begins the moment you cross the timing mat which is located at the edge of the swim dock.

The swim start and exit is located across the street from to the transition area so getting to the swim start is incredibly fast and easy. The run back into the transition area takes approximately 30-45 seconds and is nearly all grass and very flat.

The swim course features large buoys marked EVERY 100M making it the country’s most well marked and swimmer friendly triathlon swim courses. Lifeguards, patrol boats, kayaks and other swim safety vessels will line the course as well.

The average water temperature in the Potomac for Nation’s Triathlon is 70 degrees, making wetsuits legal most years.

Need a wetsuit rental? (Coming Soon)

Swim Rules/Regulations

  1. Pay attention to your swim corral and expected start time.
  2. BE PREPARED TO ENTER THE WATER IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOUR WAVE IS CALLED. Have your goggles on, swim cap on and timing chip on.
  3. We will be starting the swim using a time trial start. Athletes will line up in the swim corral with 12 athletes starting approximately every 15 seconds.
  4. Do not hesitate when you enter the water. The water will be approximately 8 feet deep where you enter. Remember when you get into the water to begin swimming immediately and keep all buoys on your left.
  5. Keep all buoys on your LEFT
  6. Every 100m will be marked by a white buoy.
  7. Exit the swim using the ramp.
  8. Run to your left and into the transition area.
  9. Misting tents will be set up on swim exit for your convenience.

The 2017 Nation’s Triathlon Course is subject to change at any time with or without prior notice.