Rules and Regulations

logo-USATThe 2017 Nation’s Triathlon is a USA Triathlon sanctioned event and therefore follows USAT rules. Please click here for more information on USAT.

Course Cut-Off Times

There will be time limits enforced in 2017:

There is no run cut-off time, however, the course closes at 2:00 PM. Runners still on the course will receive a DNF and will be given the option to move onto the sidewalk to proceed at his or her own risk.

Swim Cut Off: Olympic – 70 minutes after the last swimmer enters the water; Sprint – 45 minutes after the last swimmer enters the water.

Swim Rules/Regulations – Self Seeded Swim Start

  1. For the first time ever the Nation’s Triathlon will offer athletes a self-seeded swim start. There will be swim start signs with estimated swim times for athletes to choose their preferred start wave. Athletes will enter the Potomac in the following order:
    1. 7:00 AM Olympic PRO MEN
    2. 7:05 AM Olympic PRO WOMEN
    3. 7:08 AM Olympic Age Group Elite
    4. 7:10 AM Gyrphon Technologies Military Challenge
    5. 7:15 AM DC Tri Club Wave
    6. 7: 18 AM Philly Tri Club Wave
    7. 7:20 AM (tentative) Olympic Age Group Start – Self Seeded by Estimated Swim Times (25min, 30min, 35min, etc)
    8. 8:30 AM (tentative) Sprint Age Group Start – Self Seeded by Estimated Swim Times (15min, 20min, 30min, etc)
  2. The swim uses a time trial start. Athletes will line up in the swim corral with 12 athletes starting approximately every 15 seconds.
  3. The swim “on-deck” area is adjacent to the swim start. Be there on time and ready to get into the on-deck area when your wave is called.
  4. BE PREPARED TO ENTER THE WATER IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOUR WAVE IS CALLED. Have your goggles on, swim cap on and timing chip on.
  5. When your group of 12 enters the water you DO NOT wait for the horn but simply start swimming! Your time begins the moment you cross the timing mat which is located at the edge of the swim dock.
  6. Do not hesitate when you enter the water. The water will be approximately 8 feet deep where you enter. Remember when you get into the water to begin swimming immediately and keep all buoys on your left.
  7. Every 100m will be marked by a buoy.
  8. Exit the swim using the ramp.
  9. Run to your left and into the transition area.
  10. If you need any assistance during the swim, wave your arms and call attention to yourself. A kayaker will come to your assistance. You may hang onto the kayak or any other safety vessel without penalty. The safety vessel may not assist in your forward motion.
  11. If you require emergency assistance to pull you out of the water at any time prior to the swim exit you will receive a DNF for the race. Upon examination by EMS personnel we may allow you to continue on the bike and run but you will not receive an official finishing time.

Bike Rules/Regulations

  1. Bikes must be racked on Saturday prior to the race from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Once racked, bikes will remain in the transition area and may not be removed until the race is in progress. Bikes MUST have bike numbers fastened on them and all athletes must have their race bracelets on to enter the transition area.
  2. Helmets must be on AND fastened before triathletes mount their bikes.
  3. Do not mount your bike until you are out of the transition area and past the mount/dismount line.
  6. No headphones, cell phones,or devices of any kind that play music are permitted on the course at any time.
  7. Do not litter.
  8. If you have a flat move your bike off the course.
  9. Emergency conditions may occur during the race. Please pay attention to your surroundings for indication of the need to clear the course or take other instructed action.

Run Rules/Regulations

  1. No headphones, cell phones,or devices of any kind that play music.
  2. Always use respect when coming through the finish line shute and be aware of your surroundings.
  3. Course closes promptly at 1:00 PM. Runners not yet across the finish line will be picked up in a sag vehicle or required to move off the course and onto the sidewalk.
  4. Emergency conditions may occur during race. Please pay attention to your surroundings for indication of the need to clear the course or take other instructed action.
  5. Respect the land. Do not litter. Trash cans are available at every aid station.

Finish Line Procedures

  1. The finish line area will be filled with spectators, family and friends and the energy level will be high. Please enjoy the moment and do not elbow your way, or shoulder your way, past others in this area.
  2. Finish strong and run completely through the finish line arch.
  3. Your picture is being taken for you. Look happy, raise your arms and get into it. Remember don’t look at your watch! We will be keeping time for you.
  4. Keep moving through the finish line chute. It’s important that you walk a bit before stopping. Medical personnel will be watching you and volunteers will be assisting you. If you feel sick, faint or need any assistance immediately call out for help.
  5. Remove and return your race-chip if you borrowed one. The timing company will charge you a $50 dollar replacement fee if you take it home with you. (Event Terms & Conditions)
  6. Grab some water to help cool you off.
  7. Exit the finish line area and walk towards the back of the Finish Festival to retrieve your same-day race results, get some food and enjoy post-race athlete services. Relax, hang out with your family and friends and change your clothes in the athlete change tent.
  8. High five yourself on the way home for a job well done!