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Advantages of Becoming a Member of a Triathlon Club

Author: Adrianne Brakefield

Date: 04/23/14

Category: Training Updates

Looking to up your training game? Consider joining a Tri Club. Brand Ambassador Adrianne explains why she loves being a part of the Y Tri (National Capital YMCA) team.

Evan Training Blog

New Training Cycle

Author: Evan Zilliox

Date: 04/21/14

Category: Training Updates

Potomac River Running Featured Athlete Evan Zilliox talks about getting ready for a new training cycle. Events DC Nation’s Tri is on the schedule!

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Racing Season Means Expo Extravaganzas

Author: Dustin Renwick

Date: 04/10/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Updates

It’s expo season, and Brand Ambassador Dustin has some tips for making the most out of your visit.

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Pre-Season Tips

Author: Jon Ryder

Date: 03/31/14

Category: Training Updates

Bike Rack Featured Athlete Jon has provided some tips for being productive in the pre-season. It’s a good time to get organized!

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Bike Course: Q and A with Nick Lynch, Events DC Nation’s Triathlon


Date: 03/12/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Updates

Lyle Ganz, second year Brand Ambassador for Nation’s Triathlon and long time triathlete, sat down with Nick Lynch, VP of Triathlon at Competitor Group, to talk about the changes to the 2014 bike course.