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My Favorite Places to Train

Author: Matt Howard

Date: 06/16/14

Category: Training Triathletes Around Town

One of our local Triathletes, Matt Howard, shares his favorite places to train. He has some great ideas!

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Q&A with Coach Clay Battin

Author: Dustin Renwick

Date: 06/13/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training

Ever wish you could ask a Triathlon coach a few questions? Brand Ambassador Dustin was lucky enough to chat with Clay Battin, of Craft Coaching.

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Open Lap Swimming Do’s and Don’ts

Author: Lyle Ganz

Date: 06/11/14

Category: Training

Intimidated when you walk into a crowded pool? You don’t have to be. Just keep a few guidelines in mind to stay safe and courteous.

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Incorporating Weight Training for Triathlons

Author: Nancy Burnham

Date: 06/09/14

Category: Injury Prevention Training Triathletes Around Town

Our Featured Athlete and trainer at Vida Fitness Nancy has some tips for adding weight training into your triathlon training.


Xterra Lava Pants Review

Author: Davy DeArmond

Date: 06/04/14

Category: Training

Brand Ambassador Davy test-swam in a pair of Xterra Lava Pants. Find out about this cool new training option.

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Tri It This Way: How to Train Smart

Author: Sean Lorenz

Date: 06/02/14

Category: Training Triathletes Around Town

How do you successfully train for 3 different endurance sports, hold a job, spend time with your family and have a life? Amateur Triathlon training can be a very confusing and daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.


On the Road: Safety & Common Sense Tips

Author: Jon Ryder

Date: 05/30/14

Category: Training

Featured Athlete Jon from Bike Rack has some common sense safety tips to keep in mind as you head out the door and onto the roads, bike paths and sidewalks for your training.

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Coaching to Your Weakest Event: Q and A with Coach Lloyd Henry

Author: Heather Butler

Date: 05/28/14

Category: Training

Heather took some time to interview Coach Lloyd Henry, Ironman athlete and owner of OnPoint Fitness, on how he went from coach potato to Ironman Athlete, and the idea of coaching to your weakest event.

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What to consider when purchasing a wetsuit

Author: Lyle Ganz

Date: 05/21/14

Category: Training

So, you are thinking about purchasing a wetsuit. The benefits of warmth and buoyancy are too hard to ignore, and the simple fact that they help make swimming easier, is not missed by triathletes. What to consider when looking into purchasing a wetsuit: 1. Conditions of your race. Whether the water temperature will be extremely Read More

2013 Nation's Triathlon

Bike to Work Week: A Celebration of Sports

Author: Events DC Nation's Triathlon

Date: 05/12/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training

Do you bike to work? Join in the fun this week! Find out how to win some free Nation’s Tri swag while you’re at it!