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Creative Training Schedule

Author: Jake McDermott

Date: 08/04/14

Category: Training Triathletes Around Town

It is easy enough to set a training plan, significantly harder to follow it. Sometimes you need to be creative to fit everything in.

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There is No Half Time in Triathlon

Author: Adrianne Brakefield

Date: 07/25/14

Category: Training

As you are training for your triathlon, of course you will focus on the three sports–swim, bike, run — but there is the so-called fourth sport “transitions” that one must remember. Brand Ambassador Adrianne runs down some key points to keep in mind.

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Race Day Simulations

Author: Davy DeArmond

Date: 07/22/14

Category: Training

While preparing for Nation’s Tri, and for all races for that matter, you want to train so as to avoid any surprises on race day. The best way to plan? Try everything out!

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Training Diaries of a Newbie

Author: Lauren E. Klumpp

Date: 07/21/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training Triathletes Around Town

Longtime runner Lauren has recently added both cycling and swimming to her training routine. She writes about the big adjustment and the new challenges as she prepares for her first triathlon at Nation’s Tri!

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Open Water Swimming Skills

Author: Lyle Ganz

Date: 07/16/14

Category: Training

As triathletes, we spend hours in the pool. We work on everything from basic stroke technique to building our endurance through long sets. The next time you are out at the beach, think about trying out these few techniques to up your open water swim game.

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AGE Africa’s 4th Annual Tri for Malawi Team Challenge

Author: Claudia Gonzalez

Date: 07/14/14

Category: Training Triathletes Around Town

Advancing Girls’ Education in Africa’s (AGE Africa) has put together the Tri for Malawi Team Challenge as part of their largest annual fundraising initiative that promotes awareness and provides an opportunity to support girls’ education in Malawi. Find out more about their program.

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Philly Race Report – Managing Expectations

Author: Adrianne Brakefield

Date: 07/10/14

Category: Training

Brand Ambassador Adrianne took on the TriRock Philadelphia race 2 weeks ago. It was her big race after a long break due to an injury — find out how it went!

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Nothing New on Race Day

Author: Heather Butler

Date: 07/09/14

Category: Training

Now is the right time to start testing out your race outfit, nutrition, wetsuit, even your race morning breakfast. You know what they say…Nothing New on Race Day!

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What Percentage of Training Time Should You Swim/Bike/Run?

Author: Davy DeArmond

Date: 07/02/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training

Training for a triathlon – trying to improve three disciplines during the week – can seem daunting and overwhelming and it is easy to question if you are spending enough training time on each. Here are a few items to consider when you are training, whether you are putting a training plan together or are having a hard time trusting the one you have.

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Gear: Need vs. Want

Author: Davy DeArmond

Date: 06/25/14

Category: Training

It’s fun to shop for Tri Toys, but sometimes it is important to step back and figure out if we are spending our hard earned money on what we actually need, or something we want. Brand Ambassador Davy delves into the details.