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Pre-Season Tips

Author: Jon Ryder

Date: 03/31/14

Category: Training Updates

Bike Rack Featured Athlete Jon has provided some tips for being productive in the pre-season. It’s a good time to get organized!

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Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Marathon Race Report

Author: Heather Butler


Category: Training

Brand Ambassador Heather raced this year’s Rock ‘n’ Roll USA marathon here in DC!

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Winter Running Gear: What to Wear

Author: Heather Butler

Date: 12/10/13

Category: Training

The weather has taken a sudden turn toward winter.  With temperatures below freezing, and the wind chill taking it down even further, it’s not a great time to exercise outdoors.  I’m much more a fair weather athlete; give me 65 degrees and blue skies and I’ll find an excuse to be outside all day.  Give Read More

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10 Things I Learned the Hard Way

Author: Heather Butler

Date: 09/23/13

Category: Training

Sometimes I think back on just how much I’ve learned about participating in multi-sport events and it blows my mind.  In triathlons we have three events, each one greeted with varying levels of skills and experience.  I came to triathlons as a former runner.  I had completed a few marathons, but the years of pounding on my feet Read More

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Managing Training, Your Life, and Everything In-Between

Author: The Nation's Triathlon

Date: 08/06/13

Category: Training

Washington DC is filled with type-A personalities.  From our politicians to our hordes of attorneys workaholics surround us.  If you’re participating in a triathlon this year chances are some fraction of you falls into this type-A category.  Juggling three different sports could be a full time job in itself.  Most of us don’t have the Read More

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Importance of a Proper Shoe Fit

Author: Potomac River Running

Date: 07/02/13

Category: Training

The primary benefit and value of having your footstrike analyzed is ensuring a clear road ahead while embarking on a training program. There are two elements that go into a shoe that works for you, and if either ingredient is lacking, then the net result is the wrong shoe. The fit of the shoe, how Read More

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Training While Travelling

Author: Heather Butler

Date: 06/25/13

Category: Training

Many of us training for triathlons also have jobs. (Some of us might even need second jobs to pay for all the gear we’d love to have, but that’s another blog post). My job requires quite a bit of travel, and I’m sure I’m not alone!  If you are like me, you are often sent Read More

Preseason Weight Training

Preseason Weight Training

Author: Lyle Ganz

Date: 04/11/13

Category: Training

Now is the time to think about weight and core training for the upcoming triathlon season.  If you have ever been wondering about whether weights can get you over that “hump,” they most certainly can.  By strengthening our bodies we are able to hold it together better throughout the race.  This starts with better core Read More

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Early Season Race Report from Brand Ambassador Trevor: The training is working!

Author: Trevor Albert

Date: 02/16/13

Category: Training

Miyamoto Musashi, on 10 October 1645(ish), took up his brush to explain his way of zen in his acclaimed Book of Five Rings at the Hour of the Tiger – around 4am. Fast forward a few centuries and decades and you find me at that same hour (however, a different month and day) beginning my Read More


How to Do the Nation’s Tri & Marine Corps Marathon

Author: Mike Hamberger

Date: 07/13/12

Category: Training

There will most likely be dozens of DC area triathletes competing in both the Nation’s Triathlon and the Marine Corp Marathon (MCM).  Generally speaking, if we follow the principles of periodization and also accept the fact that weather in the Mid-Atlantic region can dictate our training to an extent, the early fall is a great time to hit your peak for triathlon Read More