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Triathletes and Swimmers

Author: Lyle Ganz

Date: 04/06/16

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training Triathletes Around Town

Brand Ambassador Lyle talks about his experience joining a Masters Swim Team. “Swimming with swimmers will make you a better … swimmer; and that is the whole point isn’t it?”

Joanna Blog 2

My Nation’s Tri Journey

Author: Joanna Graham

Date: 03/22/16

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training Triathletes Around Town Updates

I’ve always said the only way I’d ever complete a triathlon was if “arm floaties” were standard operating equipment. Funny how life works because on September 13, 2015 I crossed the finish line at Nation’s Triathlon carrying an American flag & a new title: triathlete (no arm floaties though).


Planning A Successful 2016 Season: Methods to the Madness

Author: Lisa Kurdziel

Date: 03/21/16

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training Triathletes Around Town

It’s hard to believe, but the 2016 race season is nearly upon us! If you are like many of us, you may have one or two races in mind, or even registered, but have you thought more thoroughly about your season as a whole?

2015 Events DC Nation's Triathlon. Washington, D.C., Sunday, 13 September 2015. Photo by Jim Darling/Swim Bike Run Photo

Swimming Transformation Clinic from WaveOne Swimming

Author: Events DC Nation's Triathlon

Date: 02/22/16

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training

Nation’s Triathlon is excited to announce that we are partnering with WaveOne Swimming in 2016 to bring our athletes a variety of swimming opportunities both in the pool and in open water!

Endurance Sports Expo Philly 2016  300x250

Endurance Sports Expo – Philadelphia

Author: Events DC Nation's Triathlon

Date: 02/15/16

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

Heads up! Our road show is heading to Philadelphia this coming weekend! We’ll be setting up our booth at the Endurance Sports Expo – Philadelphia at the Greater Philly Expo Center at Oaks.



Author: Events DC Nation's Triathlon

Date: 12/10/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

New in 2016 – race both the TriRock Philadelphia Triathlon and the Events DC Nation’s Triathlon for one low price!


Nation’s Tri Race Report 2015

Author: Lyle Ganz

Date: 10/09/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Triathletes Around Town

Check out Brand Ambassador Lyle’s 2015 Race Report!

2015 Medal Volunteers

Thank you for joining us in 2015!

Author: Events DC Nation's Triathlon

Date: 09/15/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

It was a great day for racing in Washington, D.C. and we are glad you joined us in West Potomac Park for another great race!


Triathlon Race Day To Do List

Author: Cynthia Steele

Date: 09/10/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

Check out my Triathlon Race Day Tips, and Tricks (and Rituals) as we gear up for Nation’s Tri.


Ford Focus & Spectator Shuttles


Date: 09/09/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

Ford, the official vehicle of the 2015 Events DC Nation’s Triathlon will be on site at the expo and race day, providing test drives & a spectator shuttle in the 2015 Ford Focus.