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What To Eat To Get Strong, Fit & Fast For Endurance Athletes

Author: Dr. John Heiss

Date: 04/21/15

Category: Nutrition The Nation's Triathlon Training

By John Heiss, PhD As Senior Director of Sports and Fitness at Herbalife, I’m often asked about how athletes can improve their performance.  It comes down to proper training and good recovery. Sports nutrition is critical to both those components. While there is no one size fits all plan for sports nutrition, here are some general Read More


10 Parks Worth Visiting in D.C.

Author: Lyle Ganz

Date: 04/13/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

Washington, D.C., is filled with many wonderful parks and monuments. While visiting D.C. this september for Nation’s Tri, here is a list of ten sites worth seeing.

2015 Claudia race report pic

2014 Nation’s Tri Race Report: Claudia

Author: Claudia Esjaita

Date: 04/06/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Triathletes Around Town

I love sports, I love traveling, I love challenging myself and trying new things, and I love DC, why wouldn’t I want to go back?! The Nation’s Tri is a no-brainer ! — Claudia Esjaita, Buenos Aires, Argentina

BATC Photo 1

Introducing…the Baltimore Area Tri Club!

Author: Baltimore Area Triathlon Club

Date: 04/02/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Triathletes Around Town

Calling all triathletes in the Baltimore area! We want to introduce you to the Baltimore Area Triathlon Club.

2.2015 Matt Howard Volunteering post

Volunteering for Nation’s Tri

Author: Matt Howard

Date: 03/31/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Triathletes Around Town

Every athlete who has made the commitment to race, trained, toed the line and put themselves on the course deserves nothing less than outstanding support. When you volunteer, you have a tangible and direct impact on every athlete you interact with, and therefore have an opportunity to help them achieve their goals.


10 Triathlon Tips to Prep for the Season

Author: Cynthia Steele

Date: 03/26/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

Spring is finally here in the DC area, and everywhere you look people are running and biking outside. It’s still not outdoor swimming weather, but eventually it will warm up enough to hop in a nearby body of water in a wetsuit, at least. What does this mean? The triathlon season is upon us! Here are 10 Triathlon Tips to Prep for the Season!


Washington DC Fun Facts – President’s Edition

Author: Dustin Renwick

Date: 03/09/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

This year marks the 10th anniversary for the Events DC Nation’s Triathlon, and in the spirit of anniversaries, we writing a series of posts with fun facts about Washington, D.C. Can you guess this month’s theme?


My 50 State Campaign Experience

Author: Erin Stephens

Date: 03/06/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Triathletes Around Town

Last year, the Events DC Nation’s Triathlon launched the 50 States Campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to select a representative from each state and the District of Columbia to receive VIP treatment race weekend. The perks included a private tour of the Capitol, complimentary entry into either the Olympic or Sprint race entry, and VIP Hospitality on Race Day.

Today, we are sharing one winner’s story, Hawaii Representative Erin Stephens, and her experience during race weekend.

Tri Club Spotlight: YMCA National Capital Triathlon Team

Author: Dustin Renwick

Date: 03/04/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Triathletes Around Town

The Tri Club Spotlight, gives some of our region’s triathlon clubs the opportunity to introduce themselves and share what’s great about their club. This month, get to know the YMCA National Capital Triathlon Team aka YTri!


You Signed Up For WHAT?!

Author: Cynthia Steele

Date: 02/25/15

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training

Cynthia is the newest addition to our Nation’s Triathlon Blog. She is a working mom of three little kids, who is obsessed with triathlons in her spare time. She lost 50 pounds through running, triathlon, and healthy eating, and achieved a longtime goal of doing a triathlon by age 40. She was instantly hooked and is Read More