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Herbalife Congressional Challenge Kick Off Party

Author: Events DC Nation's Triathlon

Date: 07/07/14

Category: Nutrition The Nation's Triathlon

Join us on Wednesday, July 16th at 5:30 pm at Tortilla Coast, 400 First Street, SE, to kick off our Congressional Challenge with new sponsor, Herbalife!      

Granola bars

Nutrition: you get out what you put in.

Author: Lindsay Herbert

Date: 04/29/14

Category: Nutrition

Brand Ambassador Lindsay has a simple, healthy granola bar recipe to help keep you fueled for your training!

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Fueling the Engine, Part Two

Author: Jennifer Rentch

Date: 05/09/13

Category: Nutrition

utritional Periodization: Eating according to where you are on your athletic training load In the last blog post I talked about how some athletes experience winter weight gain, and why daily nutrition is a critical element of any training plan. Now I’d like to further explore how nutritional periodization can complement your training, and a Read More

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Fueling the Engine, Part One

Author: Jennifer Rentch

Date: 04/02/13

Category: Nutrition

The subject of nutrition is a personal one; what works for me might not work as well for you, your girlfriend or your husband. I only seek to impart a few bits of wisdom I have gained from training, racing and coaching over the past 6 years. Do you “EAT TO TRAIN” or “TRAIN TO Read More