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Spring Cleaning your Diet

Author: Jessica DeGore

Date: 04/24/15

Category: Nutrition

While you are spring cleaning your home take a good hard look at your diet and see what little tweaks you can make for improved health. Registered Dietitian and Philadelphia area Triathlete Jessica DeGore has prepared some tips to clean your diet and stay on top of your nutrition this spring!


What To Eat To Get Strong, Fit & Fast For Endurance Athletes

Author: Dr. John Heiss

Date: 04/21/15

Category: Nutrition The Nation's Triathlon Training

By John Heiss, PhD As Senior Director of Sports and Fitness at Herbalife, I’m often asked about how athletes can improve their performance.  It comes down to proper training and good recovery. Sports nutrition is critical to both those components. While there is no one size fits all plan for sports nutrition, here are some general Read More

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What to Eat to Get Strong, Fit, & Fast for Endurance athletes

Author: Dr. John Heiss

Date: 08/11/14

Category: Nutrition Triathletes Around Town

We’ve got some nutrition tips from our partner Herbalife. While there is no one size fits all plan for sports nutrition, there are some general guidelines to follow at each stage of your workout.


Herbalife Congressional Challenge Kick Off Party

Author: Events DC Nation's Triathlon

Date: 07/07/14

Category: Nutrition The Nation's Triathlon

Join us on Wednesday, July 16th at 5:30 pm at Tortilla Coast, 400 First Street, SE, to kick off our Congressional Challenge with new sponsor, Herbalife!      

Granola bars

Nutrition: you get out what you put in.

Author: Lindsay Herbert

Date: 04/29/14

Category: Nutrition

Brand Ambassador Lindsay has a simple, healthy granola bar recipe to help keep you fueled for your training!

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Fueling the Engine, Part Two

Author: Jennifer Rentch

Date: 05/09/13

Category: Nutrition

utritional Periodization: Eating according to where you are on your athletic training load In the last blog post I talked about how some athletes experience winter weight gain, and why daily nutrition is a critical element of any training plan. Now I’d like to further explore how nutritional periodization can complement your training, and a Read More

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Fueling the Engine, Part One

Author: Jennifer Rentch

Date: 04/02/13

Category: Nutrition

The subject of nutrition is a personal one; what works for me might not work as well for you, your girlfriend or your husband. I only seek to impart a few bits of wisdom I have gained from training, racing and coaching over the past 6 years. Do you “EAT TO TRAIN” or “TRAIN TO Read More