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Laser Therapy for Recovery Clinic

Author: Sport and Spine Rehab

Date: 07/13/16

Category: Injury Prevention Triathletes Around Town

Join our partner, Sport and Spine Rehab for a Laser Therapy for Recovery Clinic on Wednesday, July 27 at 7:00 pm, at their Rockville, MD location.


Sport and Spine Rehab Treats and Trains for the Nations Triathlon

Author: Sport and Spine Rehab

Date: 05/11/16

Category: Injury Prevention Triathletes Around Town

Sport and Spine Rehab is your Official Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Provider for the 2016 Nations Triathlon! Learn more about their team and their organization.

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A.R.T.: Your New Secret Weapon to Any Roadblocks in Your Nation’s Tri Training

Author: Erin Stephens

Date: 07/07/14

Category: Injury Prevention Triathletes Around Town

When the cold hand of injury strikes down on an athlete, the punishment is usually the same: cross-train. Hawaii triathlete Erin Stephens has had good luck with another option: A.R.T. Find out how she keeps injuries at bay!

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Incorporating Weight Training for Triathlons

Author: Nancy Burnham

Date: 06/09/14

Category: Injury Prevention Training Triathletes Around Town

Our Featured Athlete and trainer at Vida Fitness Nancy has some tips for adding weight training into your triathlon training.

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Ways to Find Your Balance and Avoid Injury

Author: Kristen Avioli

Date: 08/11/11

Category: Injury Prevention

Apparently I need some core work! As someone who has been active since I was a wee one, with the start of swim lessons, soccer and teeball, it’s been fairly easy for me to stay in shape. I work out about 5 days a week, depending on my schedule or mood. Two huge components I Read More



Author: Jeff Horowitz

Date: 02/28/11

Category: Injury Prevention

What used to be an oddity has now become commonplace – on city streets and in races, more and more runners are going barefoot or wearing minimal support shoes, such as the distinctive Vibram 5-Fingers, those shoes with the individual toe sleeves.  Barefoot or minimal shoe running is supposed to aid proper form by removing Read More