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I have been training all season for my “A” race which is coming up in about 9 days.  Putting in some hard rides all season had left my bike in a not so great condition.  It wasn’t bad, but it NEEDS to be race ready.  The shifting wasn’t quite right, I thought the handlebar was a little loose; and although there are some minor things I know how to do on a bike, I just didn’t want to leave anything to chance.  So, I took my bike into The Bike Rack to get a race ready tune up.

Now, I know one of the mechanics quite well at this point and so I went straight to him to see when he would be able to help out my lovely steed and make her perfect again.  Thankfully they were a “little” slow and they were able to fit me in on my schedule.
So, what to have a mechanic look at prior to race day?  Besides the typical “everything,” there are a few things I would have them concentrate on and anything else can be taken care after the race.

At this point you don’t NEED new parts.  What you have has gotten you through the season, and it will get you through the next ride.  Don’t let them force you into something new (unless you REALLY need it).

What I recommend having them check are shifting, braking, and good overall lubing of all your movable parts.  Ask them to look at your tires and see if they may need replacement (and if they do, I recommend getting out and riding on them to get comfortable as they will perform differently than your old worn out ones).  This will allow you to quickly and efficiently shift, break, and have confidence in your bike, so you can concentrate on more important things like the race.

Good luck and have a fun safe race.

Lyle Ganz

Lyle’s racing career started back in middle school with local track and field competitions. This continued through high school where he was a multiple sport athlete. He was an all-conference cross country and track and field runner, and did swimming and diving in the off season to stay fit. He participated in his first triathlon in the summer of 1996. After a few years, he was reintroduced to the triathlon scene when his sister was looking for an athletic challenge. He enjoyed the experience so much he hasn’t looked back. Since then he has competed in events from sprint triathlons up to half-Ironman competitions. He looks to continue adding endurance races to his resume with possibly completing his first Ironman in the near future.