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A.R.T.: Your New Secret Weapon to Any Roadblocks in Your Nation’s Tri Training

Author: Erin Stephens

Date: 07/07/14

Category: Injury Prevention Triathletes Around Town

When the cold hand of injury strikes down on an athlete, the punishment is usually the same: cross-train. Hawaii triathlete Erin Stephens has had good luck with another option: A.R.T. Find out how she keeps injuries at bay!

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What Percentage of Training Time Should You Swim/Bike/Run?

Author: Davy DeArmond

Date: 07/02/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training

Training for a triathlon – trying to improve three disciplines during the week – can seem daunting and overwhelming and it is easy to question if you are spending enough training time on each. Here are a few items to consider when you are training, whether you are putting a training plan together or are having a hard time trusting the one you have.

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Training Hard, Dreaming Big

Author: Ashley Ahner

Date: 06/30/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Triathletes Around Town

Most people can swim, bike OR run but how many people can swim, bike AND run? That is why Ashley Ahner from Georgia enjoys triathlon: because of the challenge.

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Gear: Need vs. Want

Author: Davy DeArmond

Date: 06/25/14

Category: Training

It’s fun to shop for Tri Toys, but sometimes it is important to step back and figure out if we are spending our hard earned money on what we actually need, or something we want. Brand Ambassador Davy delves into the details.

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Triathletes Around Town: Race Report

Author: Michael Morris

Date: 06/23/14

Category: Triathletes Around Town

One of our Triathletes Around Town, Michael Morris, took part in the Bath County (VA) Triathlon this past weekend as part of his training for The Events DC Nation’s Triathlon. Here’s his report!

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How to Prepare For a Race Without Access to Open Water

Author: Heather Butler

Date: 06/18/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training

For many triathletes, the most dreaded part of the race is swim. There are ways you can prepare yourself prior to jumping in on race day!

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My Favorite Places to Train

Author: Matt Howard

Date: 06/16/14

Category: Training Triathletes Around Town

One of our local Triathletes, Matt Howard, shares his favorite places to train. He has some great ideas!

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Q&A with Coach Clay Battin

Author: Dustin Renwick

Date: 06/13/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training

Ever wish you could ask a Triathlon coach a few questions? Brand Ambassador Dustin was lucky enough to chat with Clay Battin, of Craft Coaching.

Lyle_Swimming in a Group_picsmall

Open Lap Swimming Do’s and Don’ts

Author: Lyle Ganz

Date: 06/11/14

Category: Training

Intimidated when you walk into a crowded pool? You don’t have to be. Just keep a few guidelines in mind to stay safe and courteous.

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Incorporating Weight Training for Triathlons

Author: Nancy Burnham

Date: 06/09/14

Category: Injury Prevention Training Triathletes Around Town

Our Featured Athlete and trainer at Vida Fitness Nancy has some tips for adding weight training into your triathlon training.