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Lindsay Race Day

Race Weekend: Key Tips and Tricks

Author: Lindsay Herbert

Date: 08/29/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

Brand Ambassador Lindsay has raced Nation’s and knows the drill. Take a look over a few of her key tips and tricks to make your race weekend a success! (And don’t forget to read your ATHLETE GUIDE!)

Ryan Tri small

Race Day Preparation for Newbie Swimmers

Author: Ryan Bohlander

Date: 08/27/14

Category: Training Triathletes Around Town

New to open water swimming? Triathlete Around Town Ryan has been there and has some good points. Our favorite? Remember that the other competitors are your friends.

Cunningham blog

Triathletes Around Town: Larry Cunningham, Retired Secret Service Agent

Author: Larry Cunningham

Date: 08/22/14

Category: Triathletes Around Town

Triathlete Around Town Larry Cunningham grew up very active. It took joining the Secret Service, however to see the practical and long-term value or more accurately, the critical necessity for being fit. He’s got a great story.

Gabi Bio

Last Minute Considerations Before the Big Day

Author: Davy DeArmond

Date: 08/20/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training

The big day is approaching. You are mentally and physically ready, so let’s make sure you take care of the small details of the race to ensure success.

AGE Africa Young Women Students in Malawi 2014

No Greater Investment: Supporting Girls’ Education in the 4th Annual Tri for Malawi

Author: The Rock Creek Group

Date: 08/18/14

Category: Triathletes Around Town

There will be a team racing with us this year from AGE Africa. AGE Africa’s mission is to educate young women in Malawi, a sub-Saharan country that is among the world’s poorest. Find out more about their cause. (It’s not too late to join them!)

The author with some YMCA National Capital Tri Teammates at Tri Rock Philadelphia this year. From the left: Dustin Renwick, Michanda Myles, Rhonda Sincavage.

A little off course

Author: Dustin Renwick

Date: 08/15/14

Category: Training

Your first race might not play out perfectly but everyone on the course — fellow competitors, race officials, volunteers, spectators — wants you to finish. Your reward at the end of the day is a good story and the title of triathlete.

Xterra Race Start

Warming up for a race

Author: Lyle Ganz

Date: 08/13/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon Training

One of the more overlooked parts of the race morning ritual is the warm up. If you haven’t thought about it yet, now is a good time!

Herbalife Photo small

What to Eat to Get Strong, Fit, & Fast for Endurance athletes

Author: Dr. John Heiss

Date: 08/11/14

Category: Nutrition Triathletes Around Town

We’ve got some nutrition tips from our partner Herbalife. While there is no one size fits all plan for sports nutrition, there are some general guidelines to follow at each stage of your workout.

Lindsay race ready small

Getting your bike race ready!

Author: Lindsay Herbert

Date: 08/08/14

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

Don’t be embarrassed on the course with a squeaky chain…now is the time to make sure your bike is RACE READY!

Heather Brick Pic

Brick Workouts 101

Author: Heather Butler

Date: 08/05/14

Category: Training

If you have recently joined the ranks of the triathlon world you may have heard the term “Brick Workout” thrown around. Brand Ambassador Heather has a Brick Workout 101 for you.