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Fueling the Engine, Part One

Author: Jennifer Rentch

Date: 04/02/13

Category: Nutrition

The subject of nutrition is a personal one; what works for me might not work as well for you, your girlfriend or your husband. I only seek to impart a few bits of wisdom I have gained from training, racing and coaching over the past 6 years. Do you “EAT TO TRAIN” or “TRAIN TO Read More

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Early Season Race Report from Brand Ambassador Trevor: The training is working!

Author: Trevor Albert

Date: 02/16/13

Category: Training

Miyamoto Musashi, on 10 October 1645(ish), took up his brush to explain his way of zen in his acclaimed Book of Five Rings at the Hour of the Tiger – around 4am. Fast forward a few centuries and decades and you find me at that same hour (however, a different month and day) beginning my Read More


How to Do the Nation’s Tri & Marine Corps Marathon

Author: Mike Hamberger

Date: 07/13/12

Category: Training

There will most likely be dozens of DC area triathletes competing in both the Nation’s Triathlon and the Marine Corp Marathon (MCM).  Generally speaking, if we follow the principles of periodization and also accept the fact that weather in the Mid-Atlantic region can dictate our training to an extent, the early fall is a great time to hit your peak for triathlon Read More


World Class City, World Class Triathlon, World Class Cause… Join us in 2012!

Author: Kristen Avioli

Date: 09/30/11

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

Taking part in an endurance event is fun and exciting, and seems to be the to-do thing these days. Every weekend you can choose from a laundry list of events from distance running, getting down and dirty with some obstacle courses, triathlons ranging from sprint to iron distance , aquavelos or duathlons. How’s a girl Read More

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At the Nation’s Tri finish line…and speechless

Author: Benjamin "Ryan" Phelps

Date: 09/22/11

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

At the finish line of the 2011 Nation’s Triathlon, one of the many gracious volunteers asked me “Are you okay?” I was bent at the hips, feeling dizzy and clammy.  Standing still, but swaying a bit, stomach knotted, ears ringing. My right plantar fascia was seething, and both hands were planted firmly on my knees. Read More

Photos from the 2010 Nation's Triathlon. Washington, D.C., September 12, 2010.

Tapering for Race Day

Author: Jeff Horowitz

Date: 09/05/11

Category: Training

With less than a week before the Nations Tri, there isn’t much that hard training could do for you other than wear you out before the race. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have work to do. By implementing the right tapering plan, you can ensure that you are rested, ready, and primed for a Read More


Nation’s Tri Swim Start Update

Author: Michelle Harburg

Date: 08/25/11

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

Waiting for your age group wave to start is no fun, especially in the rain! In our 2010 post race survey many athletes asked us to find a way to reduce the wait times, especially for those that started in some of the final waves. We listened and decided to pilot a swim time trial Read More

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Ways to Find Your Balance and Avoid Injury

Author: Kristen Avioli

Date: 08/11/11

Category: Injury Prevention

Apparently I need some core work! As someone who has been active since I was a wee one, with the start of swim lessons, soccer and teeball, it’s been fairly easy for me to stay in shape. I work out about 5 days a week, depending on my schedule or mood. Two huge components I Read More


Why do YOU Tri?

Author: Kaitlin Sighinolfi


Category: The Nation's Triathlon

Have you ever been asked why you tri? Do you tri because you needed a new challenge or because you have something to prove to yourself or to others? Do you tri in rememberence or honor of a loved one? Are you doing it because of a dare or because a friend needed a training buddy? There are Read More

Photos from the 2010 Nation's Triathlon. Washington, D.C., September 12, 2010.

In Honor & Memory of Our Service Men & Women Racing in The Nation’s Triathlon

Author: Kristen Avioli

Date: 08/04/11

Category: The Nation's Triathlon

2011 marks the 4th year that The Nation’s Triathlon has offered the Military Challenge, which provides the opportunity for active duty and veteran service members to compete against each other.  That first year, 200 competitors finished the race. Today, just four years later, we are proud to announce that over 600 active and veteran service Read More