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Who is AGE Africa?

Advancing Girls’ Education in Africa’s (AGE Africa) mission is to provide life-changing opportunities to young women in Malawi through targeted initiatives in education, mentoring, and leadership development. In Malawi, young women face countless barriers when pursuing an education, including gender discrimination, school fees, long commutes, a lack of female role models, and more. These educational inequalities are driving factors in early marriage, pregnancy, and relative poverty, which affects not only women, but their families and communities, as well. Our vision is that all girls in Africa will have equal access to secondary education, and that young scholars will be empowered to finish school, leverage their educations into viable opportunities for earned income, and have the tools they need to self-advocate for their own life choices.

AGE Africa’s work

Since 2005, AGE Africa has provided hundreds of scholarships to transform the lives of girls living in poverty in rural Malawi. In addition, AGE Africa has trained over 1,000 young women in life skills, leadership, and career guidance. Despite the fact that AGE Africa works with some of the most educationally disadvantaged populations in Malawi, 90% of AGE Africa’s scholars are completing secondary school and 64% are going on to higher education, compared to less than 1% nationwide.

AGE Photo 1 smallWhat is the Tri for Malawi Team Challenge?

The Tri for Malawi Team Challenge is our largest annual fundraising initiative that promotes awareness and provides an opportunity to support girls’ education in Malawi. Each year, the Ambassador from the Republic of Malawi to the United States, His Excellency Steve Matenje, and his Deputy Chief of Mission, Jane Nankwenya, join our athletes to honor our girls who walk a triathlon-sized distance every week just to attend school. This year, we hope to raise a total of $130,000 to support 170 scholarships for our scholars!

Find out more:

• To learn more about AGE Africa and the Tri for Malawi Team Challenge, please visit our website 
• To join our team as an Individual Participant or a Team, please register at
• For updates and weekly training tips, find us on Facebook at ‘Advancing Girls’ Education in Africa’ and follow us on Twitter at !

Claudia Gonzalez

Claudia is a student at American University, where she is pursuing a BA in International Studies, focusing on International Development, as well as a BA in Language and Area Studies: Spanish/Latin America. Currently, she is thrilled to serve as the Development and Communications Intern for AGE Africa.